Here at Recumas we wish to launch a new charitable initiative in order to be able to play a larger part in a greater number of projects of this nature.

Usually, many of the causes which seek financing through these methods entail very high costs which means that, for example, the procedure for subsidising a purpose by means of the recycling of caps is slower than would be desired.

Hence, either we’re patient or… WE RECYCLE WHOLE BOTTLES OF WATER! Yes! The plastic from water bottles (PET) is a more valuable kind than that of caps which means that many more funds can be collected than if just recycling a small part of the bottle; in addition, this action entails a major benefit; as, first and foremost, new life is breathed into an element which is so usual in our lives like bottles and in second place income increases so as to be able to access said tools or treatments to improve the life of those who need it.

Hence, Recumas wishes this initiative to come to life so that those people who need it may achieve something that, in another way, would be harder to obtain. OF COURSE RECUMAS UNDERTAKES TO REUSE AND MANAGE THIS MATERIAL SO THAT EVERYONE GETS THIS BENEFIT!



That’s it! It is very important that the bottles are just water as plastic is cleaner than other PET containers which have soft drinks, oil etc. which are impregnated with the substances they contain and which are harder to clean.

Also important is the way in which they have to be folded so as to be able to accumulate many in the same place.

In this video we show you the right way of folding a bottle in the most efficient manner.