The question is, how can we help you?

Well, with an action as simple as that of keeping the caps of the bottles we drink every day. In addition to recycling and giving a second working life to this plastic, we can take part in social initiatives that allow us to help those who need it and improving their quality of life.

Here at Recumas we have been pioneers in this practice thanks to and via the effort and wishes of Mercè, a mother determined to get her daughter a new hearing aid after the one she had got ruined. It was the birth of the campaign for charitable caps and since that time we have been dedicated to reusing these caps to make possible the financing of any charitable project and being able to cooperate with causes which are important for the people who are looking for a solution.


  • Water, soft drink and oil etc. bottle caps
  • Tetrabriks plastic caps
  • Lids from butter containers, paint, boxes of wipes
  • Cleaning products plastic guns
  • Caps from shampoo, soap, mask containers,..
  • Contact lens container caps
  • Dental floss boxes

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