RECUMAS - Recuperacions Masnou S.L. Recuperació de residus i ferralla a Barcelona i Girona
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RECUMAS seeks to provide the highest possible service, to offer our customers the best support to their needs
Materials reuse and recycling
Reuse the waste materials generated by private people and which companies originate in their production processes.
Management and transport of waste of all types
We study the best way of dealing with all the waste generated in all areas whilst simultaneously seeking the most correct way of carrying out its transport.
Scrap vehicles’ management
This service consists of collecting, decontaminating, scrapping and processing the deregistration to DGT of the vehicles at the end of their working life.
Machinery hire for waste treatment
Recumas provides the possibility of hiring machinery to adapt any type of material.
Compaction or pressing service
Recumas is endowed with a large volume mobile press for compacting in situ scrap vehicles or light scrap.
All kinds of scrap
The service consists of carrying out disassemblies or demolitions (basically metallic) of constructions and machinery.
Selective Collection
Separate collection of the different fractions of debris with containers endowed with all kinds of characteristics or with the “door to door” system.
Debris collection
The debris management and collection service consists of the container establishment, its collection and the management of the materials deposited therein.



El nostre procés



The main objective of RECUMAS is the maximum recovery and reuse of all the waste it manages. This process is carried out by means of the classification and storage of the materials for its subsequent recycling; in this way we can breathe new life into a vast majority of the waste we generate the people, both at private and industrial level.

Our company endeavours to carry out all its processes in the most sustainable way possible, contributing to the sustainable development of its activity and reducing its impact on the environment and on society.


Quality is a very important concept for our company. Carrying out all the processes and activities in an environmentally-friendly manner, efficiently and effectively is something basic in our corporate philosophy; and this is endorsed by the certificates ISO 9001 and 14001 which we have relied on since 2008.

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